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Once Upon a Replacement: Water Heating and HVAC Webinar
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Let’s face it, water heaters and heating and cooling equipment break. And then what? Usually, they get replaced with the same type of equipment, or maybe a slightly more efficient version of the same equipment (e.g., replacing an old boiler with a new one). This webinar will discuss how long a water heater, space conditioning equipment, or boiler is expected to last, the options available in the market for a replacement, and the pros and cons associated with each option. For each topic, replacement and maintenance costs, occupant comfort, and overall energy use will be discussed. Real-world examples from HUD stakeholders will be provided.



Walt Hunt, Senior Research Engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Ben Hiller, Technical Manager, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships

Geoff Wickes, Senior Product Manager Emerging Technology, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Thurston Stimage, Director of Building Operations, Chicago Housing Authority


Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Noon - 1:30pm

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