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Reforming Local Land Use Regulations To Increase Housing Production

A major challenge to achieving widespread housing affordability in the United States is the persistent underproduction of new housing. Restrictive land use regulations — especially in high-productivity metropolitan areas — limit housing supply and drive up the cost of housing to levels unaffordable to many.



Using Artificial Intelligence To Promote Equity in Home Mortgage Access

Access to fair mortgage products is crucial to many families’ ability to become homeowners. Mortgage access depends on assessments of the risk that a borrower will default, which typically are made through traditional credit scores and other financial information from lending institutions.

Universal Housing Vouchers

HUD’s Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program is the largest rental subsidy program in the United States. Under the HCV program, HUD allocates funding to local public housing agencies (PHAs), which, in turn, issue vouchers allowing eligible households to rent housing in the private market.

Vienna’s Unique Social Housing Program

The city of Vienna, Austria, famous for its rich cultural and architectural heritage, is also recognized for its unique social housing program.

Equitable Rebuilding in Detroit Through the Strategic Neighborhood Fund

African-American residents of Detroit experienced devastating effects from the Great Recession.



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