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Additional Resources


WINTER 2023                                                                          



Winter 2023
Evidence Matters Winter 2023
Winter 2023
  • “Capitalizing on Collapse: An Analysis of Institutional Single-Family Rental Investors” (2020), by Gregg Colburn, Rebecca J. Walter, and Deirdre Pfeiffer, examines corporate filings of publicly traded companies to better understand the characteristics and strategies of these firms.
  • “Can We Prevent ‘Dark Money’ from Destroying Housing Opportunity?” (2022), by Denise Scott, identifies strategies that communities can use to preserve housing and neighborhood stability and protect themselves from predatory investment.
  • “Single-Family Market Rents and Institutional Investors” (2022), by Darryl E. Getter of the Congressional Research Service, outlines the market dynamics underlying institutional investor activity in single-family rental housing and addresses questions about the implications of their increased role.
  • Manufactured Insecurity: Mobile Home Parks and Americans’ Tenuous Right to Place (2018), by Esther Sullivan, addresses the impacts of investor purchases of mobile home parks for homeowners.
  • “Lease Purchase Failed Before — Can It Work Now?” (2015), by Sarah Edelman, Michela Zonta, and Julia Gordon, reviews the lease-to-own model, lessons learned from government and nonprofit programs, and recommendations for landlords of single-family rentals.
  • “The Detroit Housing Market: Challenges and Innovations for a Path Forward” (2017), by Erika C. Poethig, Joseph Schilling, Laurie Goodman, Bing Bai, James Gastner, Rolf Pendall, and Sameera Fazili, offers several strategies for reducing barriers to affordable homeownership and rental housing in Detroit through home equity protection, rehabilitation, lease-to-purchase, and shared equity programs.
  • “Opportunity to Purchase Policy Options for the City of Minneapolis” (2021), by Scott Bruton and Gretchen Nicholls, presents three options for an opportunity to purchase program in Minneapolis, examines citywide capacity for implementation, and reviews similar policies in other cities and states.
  • “Gentrifying Atlanta: Investor Purchases of Rental Housing, Evictions, and the Displacement of Black Residents” (2021), by Elora Lee Raymond, Ben Miller, Michaela McKinney, and Jonathan Braun, finds a strong association between investor purchases of multifamily rental units and the displacement of African-American residents in Atlanta.

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