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Getting Building Technology Accepted: Developing and Deploying New Building Technologies


Report Acceptance Date: January 2003 (25 pages)
Posted Date: January 01, 2003

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This report explains how regulatory activities affect new building technology research, development, and deployment and how to effectively apply regulatory information to successfully develop and deploy building technologies. Without this technology, building technology developers may devote resources to research and development of a building technology only to discover too late that the technology does not meet building regulations and therefore must be tested, retested, or redesigned or that they must address another issue that is impeding or preventing the technology’s deployment. A new or innovative product or technology can only achieve market success if it meets the building codes, standards, and regulations adopted at the Federal, State, and local levels (and abroad). Products that have difficulty securing code approval are less likely to be specified for use. The result is lack of sales.

Taking a new building technology from idea through development and deployment to market acceptance is complex, requiring many activities. Because the building industry tends to be highly regulated with respect to building construction regulations, technology acceptance must be considered during technology research, development, and deployment. If this issue is ignored, costs and resource needs will escalate, and the producer’s ability to market the technology will be curtailed significantly.

Taking these issues into consideration will build an awareness of the need to perform technology acceptance planning- the integration of parallel rather than sequential efforts to address building regulations and technology development. By using the approaches in this report, product innovators and proponents will better understand the issues associated with codes and standards and be better prepared to develop successful strategies to bring new products to the marketplace. These new products will, in turn, contribute to the development of safer, better, and more affordable housing for all Americans.

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